“Thank you for everything you have done for me. And thank you for not giving up on me too. I really appreciate it. You have made me so much happier”. (Karina, 18)

“Marion…You have really helped me to learn that the problem I had wasn’t as big as I thought it was” (Laura, 35)

“Thanks a lot for working with me-you made a big difference” (Daniel, 14)

I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for your help. I realise that it was my own efforts that helped me back on track but you were a listening ear and wise counsel that I needed during a difficult time. Thank you for your acceptance of me and your understanding. Keep up the good work!” (Becky, 46)

Thank you for all the help and support and for believing in me!” (Lucas, 24)

“You have helped me to see that I am stronger than I think I am and you showed me that life is better if you face your fears” (Kevin, 30)

“Hi, wanted to tell those who may be considering Marion for support and help for a loved one. My daughter had some problems with self esteem and personal family issues that can happen to anyone. As a parent it can be hard to admit that you need outside help but I have no regrets and my daughter, a lovely teenager still uses techniques taught by Marion in her daily life , growing up and parenting can be a challenge. If you need help I would highly recommend Marion, good luck” (Parent of a teenage daughter)

A close friend recommended Marion to me after hearing that my previous counsellor wasn’t right for me and I’ve never been so glad. Marion is utterly fantastic; she really listens to you and guides you through therapy rather than dictating the pace like I’ve had with previous counsellors. She was wonderful in helping me choose what aspects of therapy would be beneficial for me and explaining everything to me in great detail. I feel completely safe discussing my problems with her and it’s such a comfort to know that she’ll do anything she can to help. What sets Marion apart though is that she has her own experiences that she will share with you, it really humanises her and makes her so easy to talk to. Absolutely wonderful wonderful woman. (Amy Louise, 28)

I was recommended Marion by a colleague of mine who had previously had a positive experience with Marion. I have had previous counselling and hypnotherapy and no one was as good for me as Marion. I had several issues such as insomnia, anxiety and also a previous history of anorexia resulting in low self esteem.

Marion was so lovely to talk too and very easy to communicate with. She helped me with a variety of methods such as hypnotherapy discs, worksheets and recommended mindfulness tips.

I’m so glad I went to see her, she helped me greatly and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with any issues and if required I would see her again and be able to have peace in knowing that she would help me. Thanks Marion! (Lori H, 30)