A Counselling/ Life Coaching and/or Analytical Hypnotherapy session will generally last for 50-60 minutes and the amount of sessions you require will depend on your individual response to therapy. However, it is recommended as good practice to attend a minimum of 4-6 sessions initially and for some people this will be more than enough.

A commitment to an agreed number of sessions will be included in a contract signed by us both during your initial half price no obligation face to face, (online due to current restrictions) consultation.

An initial consultation session is at the reduced cost of £20 per person and £25 per couple.

Session fee £45 (per individual) and £55 (per couple) thereafter.

All fees are payable in advance of a session by bank transfer during the COVID-19 situation before the start of a session.

Limited evening appointments may be available at no extra charge.

Email: efltayside@gmail.com